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I work on special projects for a variety of clients, producing articles and special sections that are industry-specific or company-specific, covering technology such as the Wall Street Journal's annual HDTV/home theater supplement or a series of units to expose the public to a particular company's achievements. I have also written technical articles and white papers for Intel, Toshiba,, AMD, Xerox, and many other companies, on topics ranging from microprocessor architecture to industrial design.

A resource, not a company

When you work with me, you'll find me knowledgeable in your field--I do my homework. My writing and editing have won multiple awards. I'm an easy, agreeable edit and can draw upon many years' experience to produce a superior product.

Drawing of computer; Size=240 pixels wide

On the music side...

See my Blues Junior site for more information about modifications and kits.

Some guitars I've designed and built:

My first bass

My five-string bass

The Formicaster (hollow Formica body, three pickups!)

My currently-inactive site on testing personal audio devices

Bill Machrone * Editor/Writer * Electronics Guru * Instrument Builder